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david [at] versailles.net
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9 avenue de Saint Mandé - bat D
F - 75012 Paris
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cell phone...+33 (0) 609 52 54 56
French, born Jan. 1967, married Web page... http://www.dwv.fr
  • Economist, habilitated for
    research supervision
  • Science management
  • Expert advisor
    for strategic managers
Expertise areas
  • Strategic management of knowledge
  • Industrial organisation
  • Management of technology and innovation
  • Cost-benefit analysis,
  • Business casing, business modelling
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Prospective and foresight
  • Research Methodologies
    Quantitative and qualitative approaches,
    Case study methodology,  Organizational design
  • Communications at conferences
    23 communications in France,
    28 communications abroad,
    21 invited (instit and acad) conferences
  • Articles in journals, books
    13+5 articles in scientific journals,
    12 articles in edited books, 1 book,
    2 guest editorships for AERES ranked journals
  • Client focused project management
  • Team management (5 to 50 people)
  • Human ressources & Personal,
    Budget and Materials
    in the framework of science management
Science management
  • Animation of multi-disciplinar R&D projects
  • Principal investigator and research supervisor
  • Creation, animation and
    mobilization of research networks
  • Contract research
Lectures and Educational programs
  • Head for programs in economics,
    management and leadership,
    including faculty member competence building

  • Experience with initial and executive education
  • Lectures at L-M-MBA-D levels
    • organisation theory,
    • knowledge management,
    • industrial economics
    • management of technology
    • methodology and epistemology
    • business intelligence
    • corporate social responsibility
Working languages
  • French (mother tongue)
  • English (fluent)
  • German (fluent)
  • Italian (fluently read & spoken)
  • 2008, Habilitation for
    research supervision
  • 1998, Doctorate in
Favorite application domains
  • Aerospace industry (civilian and military)
  • Defense and Security (incl. C4ISR, ATM, etc)
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Knowledge-intensive domains
Associative commitments
  • Alumni assoc. (loi 1901) Saint Charles
    State Highschool (Marseille):
    Vice-President, President, Budget officer
  • Marseille motor sports association
  • 2009+, Senior consultant, Economist, Open Solutions SA/NV (Brussels, BE) and OBIZCO SARL (Luxembourg)
  • 2009+, Visiting fellow, I-Space Institute LLC. (Philadelphia, PA, USA)
  • 2002-2008, Founding director and Chief scientist (multi-disciplinary),
    Research center of the French Air Force (CReA), Paris & Salon de Provence
    and Dean for Research at the French Air force Officers Academy (EOAA, Salon de Provence)
  • 2001-2002, Chief scientist, Directorate for Financial affairs, French Ministry of Defense,
    2000-2001, Chief scientist and Head for the Observatoire économique de la Défense (OED)
  • Photography
    (landscape, sport,
    exhibitions and museology)
  • Car races (rallyes)
  • Mountain hiking

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